Image credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI

We are a miracle.

Specks of stardust on a boring rock, around a boring star, in a boring galaxy, in a unbearably big and magnificent universe.

We are a miracle.

Born of quantum particles, that formed atoms, that formed stars, that formed molecules, that formed us, and everything around us.

We are a miracle.

Out of the trillions of galaxies, with trillions of stars, with almost a googol of planets, we are here, on this rock, around this star, in this galaxy, and at this moment in time, touching each other’s lives.

We are a miracle.

What we do may not matter to the universe but it should matter to us, and to those around us.




Drop your nets,

You exquisite fishermen,

You men and women who fish exquisite fish from exquisite seas.

Do you not see?

Do you not hear?

You have a greater purpose,

You have a greater mission.

Be not just fishers of fish,

Or fishers of men.

And women.

But fishers of truth and knowledge,

Of social justice and kindness,

But most importantly seek out love,

Not to receive, but to give.



I am fortunate. Quite a few things bring me pleasure.

I enjoy good meals especially with family and friends.

I enjoy good drink with good meals,

Or drink by itself,

Again,with family or friends.

I enjoy a good walk. Usually in good weather,

But sometimes in a gentle rain.

I prefer the early morning with the sun awakening,

Or in the evening with the stars barely risen.

I enjoy music, many types of music.

Instrumental music to relax or inspire me.

Music with wonderful lyrics,

That distract and pull me in.

I enjoy good books.

Books that tug at my heart,

That bring to places and times I have never known,

And introduce me to people I have never met.