Happy Belated National Compliment Day

Photo by Cris DiNoto on Unsplash

National Compliment Day was yesterday. I’ve been fortunate to have gotten my share of compliments during my career. I’ve also received many unsolicited suggestions for improvement that were conveyed with various amounts of diplomacy. How suggestions are received are as important, if not more important, as how they are given. The same could be said about compliments.

It’s nice to hear compliments about your appearance. Nice haircut. Sharp looking shirt. Cool socks. It’s nice to hear compliments about your intelligence and competency. Great presentation. That was a clever approach. That’s an insightful perspective.

My favorite compliment that I’ve received was about being kind. A former colleague said that she told a couple of her teammates to reach out to me. She told told them that I was kind and would make a good mentor. What a wonderful compliment!

I am an active learner always striving to become a better person. We don’t have to learn very much to be kind. We should treat people like we would like to be treated, or better yet, how they would like to be treated. We probably learned that in our childhood.



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